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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Today its all about the Quiche. Without blood.

Smoked Salmon Quiche

Whenever I cook I always think about my mother and today is no exception. Fair to say she wasn't a great cook but she did do certain things very, very well. Quiche being one of her stronger points. She used to do a mushroom and cream one which I think is the best I have ever tasted, but sadly the recipe went with her to the grave. Today, its actually an ingredient that brings her to mind. Smoked Salmon.

I dont eat a lot of it but whenever I do she comes to mind. Actually even if I see it on a menu the memory comes flooding back and its not that nice a memory to boot, yet every time there it is.

I wouldn't want you to think that we dined on such a treat that often, we didn't. For some reason, long forgotten, we had a side of smoked salmon. So armed with the ham blade to slice the salmon she started to do that very thing, slice. All was going well and Pa was served his first as was the custom. I think mainly so he finished long before anyone else and was first in the queue for seconds. Anyway, another couple of plates were dispatched down the table.Then, something happened. None of us, my sisters were the only others there, actually saw what happened but the next plate proffered for dispatch had quite a lot of blood as a garnish. 

Ma had knicked herself with the very very sharp blade and was totally unaware what happened until we told her. not wanting to waste the salmon she calmly took it over to the sink and rinsed it off before sorting out her wound. She then came back to the table and carried on as if nothing had happened. 

My sisters and I, I think it fair to say have never been able to have smoked salmon without the image coming back to us. We might have even embellised it by adding the fact that there was cigarette ash on the plate as well. Whilst I dont think that was true on this occasion it certainly did happen with something else.

So I am sure you will understand why, on this particular day she is in my thoughts.

The reason I am making it however is another thing altogether. Jean Louis, my husband, is changing jobs in his company and when this happens, the person leaving has to throw a leaving party, so this quiche and another as yet to be decided (Probably a Lorraine) have to be ready for tomorrow morning. I offered to do them, but earlier he rang me and said during the conversation that would I mind if he said he had made them. Mind? Err yes, but I am sure he will anyway. And then this advert popped into my mind. 

If you are of an age I am sure you will remember the June Whitfield adverts for Birds-Eye and if your not have a butchers at this. It will be JL tomorrow at his leaving party, minus the tiara and hopefully the dress!

Smoked Salmon Quiche

Cooking method.

Buy the shortcrust pastry, blind bake for ten mins with baking beans then ten without them at 180°c

Place the trimmings on to the cooled pastry, add the liquid and bake for 30-35 mins or until the center is firm to the touch.


250 g smoked salmon trimmings
2 large eggs with the yolk of a third
200ml of creme fraiche
pinch cayenne pepper
black pepper

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